Download your WhatsApp Contacts
You can now utilize the WhatsApp on Mac or Windows PC if you have the WhatsApp application running on a Smartphone that is not an iPhone. Go to on your desktop, examine the QR code on the screen with Whats-App on yourPhone and you can immediately send or get messages to any of your Whats-App contacts from the PC. 
WhatsApp supports desktop notices in Google Chrome so you can read your messages regardless of the possibility that the Whats-App web application is open in some tab. The other advantage is that you can send pictures from desktop or the DSLR SD card without needing to exchange the massive document to your phone. There’s no assistance for sending sound or videos however. The other limit is that the smartphone ought to be linked with the Internet for you to utilize Whats-App on the web. 
Here the blue string speaks to the number of your contact with the nation code while the red string (t=s) speaks to the length of the photo thumbnail. If you replace t=s in the URL with t=l, you’ll get the greater profile photo of that contact. 

Save your WhatsApp Address Book Locally!
The WhatsApp application on your cell telephone does not offer an alternative to download the profile pictures nor is there a choice to export WhatsApp Contacts for transferring into different location books like Google Contacts or LinkedIn. In any case, the contacts information can be effortlessly separated, or fairly scratched, from the WhatsApp site in under a minute with the support of a bookmarklet. 

To begin, drag the Whats-App bookmarklet to the toolbar of your Google Chrome. Next open on your PC, sit tight for the site to load and after that tap the bookmarklet in the toolbar. You can either decide to have a CSV rundown of your Whats-App contacts or make a print-prepared address book of WhatsApp system. This will have the high-res profiles pictures, the names and the phone quantities of every one of your contacts. 
The WhatsApp picture URLs are session-based and subsequently can’t be shred. You can however press Ctrl+S or Cmd+S on Mac to download the whole site page made by the bookmarklet and it will for all time download the profile pictures to your PC too. 


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