Hello everyone today in this tutorial ill be sharing the new and latest update of DIR-816 WIRELESS AC750 DUAL BAND ROUTER as on the designated D-link wesbite there is no d-link firmware download option neither its listed on there download d-link firmware portal.
So, i took the matters into my own hand and emailed them personally and ask for a solution they got back to me pretty fast and gave me the solution with the latest firmware file attached download below. basically the it is needed for those who are experiencing.
  • Network connectivity issue.
  • breakage and lag in connection

How to install?

Use WIRED Connection ONLY! Please don’t do it wireless over WI-FI as it may result in bricking your router.


D-link firmware upgrade-Check your current firmware if its on V1.03 already then you don’t need this tutorial. if not, then follow step 2.


D-link firmware upgrade-Now select the file from PC directory and then press “upgrade firmware” button and then sit back and relax and then your .


  1. Hi,

    I tried doing as mentioned, but my firmware still says Version:1.0

    Do I need to tick the check-box that says, “Automatically reset to default…”?

  2. There is some weird issue with this router. Every morning when i turn on the pc, i have to wait for 15-30 mins before ISP login page is accessible.

    However, after updating my router with 1.03 version firmware, the problem seems fixed

  3. Hi Rahul, my DIR 816 AC750 router keeps dropping internet intermittently. I am using a PPPoE service from YouBroadband and the internet connectivity works when connected directly to PC LAN. I have to reset the router and every time I reset the internet works for a few hours before it drops the connection.

    I have contacted the technicians at YouBroadband and they don’t seem to have a solution for this as they say the internet is working fine with LAN and that there must be some issue with the router. Can you please help?

    • Hey! thanks for writing! for what i know i am not familiar with PPPoE and very less broadband use it as most of them are on DHCP! try my new firmware to resetting the firmware completly and then put your PPPoE settings again!

      • Hey Rahul; Thanks for your reply! I checked with my service provider and it seems most of their existing customers using D-Link 816 AC750 like mine are facing the same issue. So I figured, why not write to D-Link asking for help and I did!

        They have replied with a link to download a firmware update almost immediately that should resolve the reset issue I mentioned. I have updated my router firmware yesterday and I am still testing out. I hope the problem to be resolved and if it must persist, then I will write back to D-Link support.

        • Hi,

          I own the same DIR-816 router and the same broadband connection :). And sadly I am facing the same issue. Is there any way you could share the latest firmware update ?

          Thanks in advance

          • Hi Prasanna, I have posted a link to download the firmware i received from DLink but I believe the moderator has removed the post as it may not be appropriate to post such information. I suggest, you write you call on DLink customer care number and raise a complaint. Subsequently, do email them as well on helpdesk@dlink.co.in and they should be able to respond with the patch. Thanks!

            BTW: The firmware I have received from Dlink has solved my problem completely. Good luck!


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