Most Smart-phones have physical button as an addition for controlling the playback volume and, whether you are listening to podcasts or viewing Youtube features, these keys are in some cases the best way to control the application’s volume.
The button are anything but difficult to utilize however they are not as advantageous as, say, the Control Center on the iPhone where one can change volume utilizing the on-screen volume slider.

Does something relative exist for Android gadgets that would permit you to control the volume without using the button! The Google Play store throws up lots of ‘abandoned’ software based volume managers but there are at least two Android apps that seem to solve the problem through widgets.


The main in the list is Virtual Volume, a free application from Italy. It includes a drifting speaker symbol your screen and when you tap this symbol, it opens up the Android volume slider to help you rapidly modify the gadget volume. You can control the size and straightforwardness of the symbol and it can set anyplace on the screen.

The application has no confused settings and you can design the speaker symbol to just show up when certain applications, as YouTube, are dynamic. The advertisements just show up when you are inside the application’s settings, not when you are utilizing the gadget.

Android Volume Control with Widget

Next in the rundown is Volume Notification that, as the name recommends, places the volume here and there button in the notice drawer of your Android phone. When you are watching a feature in YouTube, draw down the warning bar and tap the button to modify the volume or quiet the sound.

You can design the warning gadget to stack on boot from the application’s settings. A volume slider would have been more helpful be that as it may, as indicated by the designer, certain specialized restrictions in Android make it difficult to place a sliding volume bar in the Notifications window.

Android NotificationBar


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